Conversations on Crises​

Difficult times require authentic conversations. Climate catastrophe threatens. Global alliances are collapsing. Capitalism is challenged as never before. Big tech transforms and destroys. New solutions have not yet found space to be born.


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Little did any of us know that an all-enveloping planetary emergency would strike with such immediate and sudden impact as has the coronavirus. Climate breakdown is a less visible crisis, though no less catastrophic. And there are links between the two. 


Our goal at this unprecedented moment is to open another communal space for people to meet online and find connecting points as we grapple with overarching dangers. We will be considering how the Covid 19 outbreak relates to our abuse of the environment and to larger issues around climate change.

Can we expect the pandemic to lead to any permanent, positive changes in how we relate to our environment? What is a best case scenario/worst case for how Covid 19 will unfold, both in terms of the pandemic itself and in terms of climate?


Join us for a conversation on crises, addressing Covid-19 and its links to climate change. The podcast will be Thursday, April 16, 6 to 7 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time and will feature Dr. Rachel Jacobs (artist, researcher, creator of the Future Machine) with Rose Levinson. We hope you'll call in and add your voice.

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