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Conversations: Continuations and New Dialogue

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

In June of this year, Emerging Voices presented a three part series on Zoom: Examining Palestine/Israel. The focus was on the history of the two peoples over the centuries; factors that led to the creation of Israel as a contemporary nation-state; and obstacles to a just resolution of the ongoing strife. Below is one excerpt from one discussion.

Watch a full video of sessions one and three.

This series will continue in late October. We’ll present two Zoom sessions with Palestinian policymakers and peace activists. We’re now in the process of lining up our speakers, and will announce dates of the events and details of the presenters as soon as arrangements are finalized.

We invite you to join us for these two sessions. Each hour and a quarter encourages participation from all present. Send us an email at to receive direct notification of panelists, dates and times. Better yet, sign up to our Subscriber list, which keeps you up to date on what’s on offer.


Rembrandt’s An Old Woman Reading, 1655

Coming up in November, we begin a new series of podcasts: Conversations with Old Women. The aim is to call attention to the thinking of old women who engage with their life and its surroundings, and who have much to say about what it means to be old. We’ve deliberately chosen the O word--Old--over such synonyms as elderly, mature, senior. For too many of us, being old is to be counted out, dismissed, treated as creatures not quite worthy of attention and respect. At best, we’re seen as kind of cute, our energy remarked upon as something extraordinary and worthy of a chuckle or two. At worst, we’re mocked and made to disappear into a place far away from any sphere of energy and vitality. Often we join in this deprecation, turning against ourselves in an effort to avoid insult. ‘Oh’, we might say, ‘pay no attention to me. I’m past it.’ But old women are not past it, and we are weary of the ageism which surrounds us and which we often internalize. Enough. Listen to us speak about matters of life and death, the lessons we’ve learned and are still learning, the sorrows we’ve endured and the regrets we’ve moved beyond and how we deal with the inevitability of death.

Our first podcast will air in early November. If you’re not on our (free, not shared with anyone) Subscriber list, please sign up now.


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