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Most recently,  I received a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and was Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco. My book Death of a Holy Land was published. Relocating to London, I was Research Fellow at University of London, School of Advanced Studies. I finished at U of L teaching a seminar The Humanities After Brexit and Trump, an attempt to grapple with the profound shifts in today's tumultuous world.
Getting a Ph.D. in my sixties remains a high point, along with being a professor. When I was young, doctorates and professorships were for men, not women. The pleasure of these achievements remains, but so too does the need to move on. Hence this webzine, a space for my personal voice along with the chorus of others.

Founder and Writer


There at the beginning and still in the picture...

Consulting Editor
Rachel Jacobs, Ph.D.,  is an environmentally engaged digital artist, games designer and Research Associate at the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Manifest Data Lab, Central St Martins, University of Arts London. Her award winning work has toured nationally and internationally, and she publishes and presents regularly. 
Rachel and FM_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Rachel Jacobs
IT Consultant
David Jeffrey first had a relationship with a computer in 1976. Since then he has flirted with all the better known personal computers. But his main love is small embedded computers:  he designed and built industrial systems based on them. He is now largely retired but still does consulting work.
David Jeffrey
Journalist and Editorial Assistant
Based in London, Manasa is a freelance journalist and writer, trying to navigate the mighty and confusing world of journalism (or what is left of it). At present, she mainly works with The Citizens (a news non-profit), along with writing for various other outlets. She largely deals with topics related to politics, protests, media and technology. 
Manasa Narayanan
Social Media Editor
Tess O’Bamber is a content manager, editor, and writer based in South London. She was runner-up for the Brighton Prize for short fiction and has been published in literary journals, including Lighthouse and Adjacent Pineapple. Tess has an MA in Prose Fiction from UEA and is completing her first novel while working as a copywriter at digital marketing agency Digivate.
Tess O'Bamber
Gülce Tulçalı
Photographer and Visual Editor
Gülce Tulçalı is a London-based visual artist whose practice includes moving image, photography, and performance art. Gülce uses a variety of methods from digital processes to darkroom printing. She writes and edits her own films. Recent shows includes with fists, it kicks, it bites at Webber Gallery, and Hang Ten at ArtLacuna.
Content and Marketing Assistant
Betty Rose Townley is a freelance writer and copywriter from South East London. She studied at Cambridge University, where she was awarded the Griffiths Roman Prize. Betty was also selected by Downing Festival of New Writing as a Featured Playwright. Now, she looks after social media and more at Emerging Voices.
Betty Townley
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