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Oksana Ponaida Reads Ukrainian Poetry

Updated: Mar 13

Oksana Ponaida was born in Ukraine in 1971, when Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union. Her father, a professional musician and choirmaster, encouraged her passion for music. She studied music throughout her schooling, attending a music academy in Lviv.

Oksana came to the UK with two of her three children. Her eldest son remains in Ukraine, serving as a fighting soldier. Her 18 y.o. daughter studies dance in Peterborough and her 13 y.o. daughter paints. Oksana has an active musical life in the UK, singing in a church choir, participating in charity concerts and making music with Ukrainian families in Peterborough.

The family came to the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. They are settled in their own home now. Oksana writes, ‘I am happy that at least my two children are safe and can study in peace.’

Oksana reads three poems, from Words for War: New Poems from Ukraine.

'When You Clean Your Weapon' by Borys Humenyuk, in Ukranian and English.

'He Says Everything Will Be Fine' by Lyubov Yakymchuk, in English.

'Caterpillar' by Lyubov Yakymchuk, in Ukrainian and English.


Oksana singing in church in the UK (left) and at an event (right):

Oksana teaching in class:


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