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Climate and Covid, April Zoomcast

Updated: Aug 11

When Emerging Voices added the feature, Conversations in Crisis, who would have foreseen a pandemic engulfing the world? But here we are, struggling to come to terms--individually and collectively, personally and socially--with Covid 19. Longing for an end to the crisis, we articulate hopes and fears through actions of all kinds. We search for creative ways to connect through the fog of uncertainty. We struggle to remember there are other crises to confront. Climate breakdown, we must not forget, is moving us closer to global disaster. There is no vaccine to restore melted ice caps.

We’ve made some connections between the virus and climate breakdown, notably in a mid April Zoomcast. Here are excerpts from it, along with a few links.

0:00 - Introduction to the Zoom with Rose Levinson and Rachel Jacobs, On Climate and COVID-19, Being an artist in this moment in time.

4:15 - “On Planetary Health”

5:31 - “What is it we need to thrive?”

10:52 - Perspectives from São Paolo, Brazil

12:26 - “Uncertainty and the Climate Crisis”

13:34 - In Closing…

Continuing the conversation on the virus and on climate

...Rachel Jacobs writes of living on a narrowboat and the comfort this brings; she also updates readers on the artist project she and Frank Abbott designed to honour the blossoming of the cherry trees.

OUR NEXT GLOBAL ZOOMCAST will be Thursday, 10 Sept, 6 p.m. GMT+1.

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https://socialtextjournal.org/periscope_For ongoing articles on the Covid 19 crisis, including Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor: An Interview with Rob Nixon

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