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Fall 2021

Just Between Us...


We humans grieve, bowed down with lamentations. This Emerging Voices seeks words and images for our universal and personal sorrowing, ways of mourning in a world of pain. The future is murky as we move towards new births and deeper darknesses.

          Afghanistan calls us to lament, abandoned to its fate after twenty years of bombardment. Gülce Tulçalı, our visual editor, explores her loss of a friend and a home. Read here. Climate catastrophe thunders on, with hopes fading for progress at COP 26. Emergence Magazine (www.emergencemagazine.orggives us two moving essays on our increasing planetary fragility. Amy Allen shares the wisdom of poets. Emel Ernalbant speaks of what fuels her activism and shares photographs from young refugees working in the darkroom she founded. I write about personal grief as well as ritual as a way of healing.

     We must also face Covid and its impact; Brexit; right-wing movements towards fascism; increasing fragmentation of once cooperative structures and breakdown of nation-states; the rising threat of renewed nuclear activity; deaths of parents, friends, children, lovers. How can we face these sorrows?

We want to hear from you on what you are grieving, how you lament, what you hear and see and say that brings comfort. Write to us:

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Portait of an Artist: Emel Ernalbant 

on the ideals that keep us going. 


Rose Levinson

Founder and Editor 

Rose's Writings: The Challenge of Grieving 

  "I will teach you my townspeople

                  How to perform a funeral"

                                          from William Carlos Williams' Tract 

 from Emergence Magazine

to the Reverend Gary Davis, a twentieth century African-American artist, who laments one of the largest stains on humanity’s blotted record: the enslavement of human beings. Would that we were done with such brutality, trafficking and destroying our fellow mortals. We are not. 

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Hear three poems read by Amy Allen, north London actor, writer, storyteller:

  • Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night: Dylan Thomas

  • Making a Fist: Naomi Shabib Nye

  • Try to Praise the Mutilated World: Adam Zagaweski

invasives photo .jpeg

Illustration by Lucille Clerc  

Invasives by Catherine Bush 

Where The Horses Sing by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Sirkhane Darkroom Workshop 2019 (55).jpg
Sirkhane Darkroom Workshop 2019 (57).jpg

Photos taken by Sirkhane Darkroom Students in Mardin/Turkey

Artists and Contributors 


Photo by Daniel John Bracken 

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