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End of a troubling year

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The advent of a new year, once seasonal festivities are over, always makes us ponder the future. It creates an urge in us to look at the world around and wonder about the direction of our journey ahead. We reflect, we predict, we plan - and these days, it seems, we fear. There hasn’t been a lot to celebrate in recent times but, conversely, much to worry about: the rise of right-wing populism, the dreadful war in Yemen, the abuse of the environment, the plight of refugees across the world, and increasing impoverishment in sections of otherwise wealthy societies……..and Brexit. They are all grounds for shame and concern.

So this year, my usual, hopeful curiosity about the future is low on the dial and I don’t really want to look ahead into 2019. I just know it’s going to be grim. Another year of bluster and bombast, lies and licence, suffering and silence, pain and poverty: the matched pairs are endless. With good cause, I find I am eschewing attempts at good-humoured, festive bonhomie. When friends tell me I look miserable, I simply smile wanly and say “Yes, I am”. For once, I really don’t think I’m going to be able to say “Happy New Year”.

Gillian Dalley


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I truly understand these sentiments. It's rather as I felt when I awoke the morning of November 8, 2017. Perhaps, like an infection that results in a discharge of pus (Brexit or the US's own PUS), it had to erupt so that the underlying causes could be broadly seen to be addressed. Our American midterm elections last month seem harbinger of a reversion to trend, though it won't play out well if PUS's "base" continue to feel neglected. Enlarging the tent has never been accomplished easily or casually.

As to Brexit, surely the time is ripe for a second, better-informed plebiscite? I have long felt the situation to be as was well described a few weeks ago in The Economist:…


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