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April 2020 Poem

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Birthday party through a window

Waving, singing, hands and lips on glass.

The New Normal.

On the sidewalk, I outstretch my arm

Warning passing strangers

Don’t come near me.

The New Normal

Pleading for an end to lockdown

Like a child asking a parent

Are we there yet?

The New Normal

The news insists I read it

Leaving me more lost each day.

Tell me something I don’t know.

The New Normal

Dettol fumes on lemons now,

Wiping bags and fruit and shoes

Wishing I could see what I attempt to kill.

The New Normal

Breathing air, I fear the worst,

Droplets coursing through a narrow space

Coming toward me with evil aim.

The New Normal

Is this new or old, this normal;

Have we been here before,

Fearing the gods we cannot see.

Rose Levinson

Spring 2020


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