Summer 2021

Featuring Tom Medwell on Passage, Time and Photography 

 "Time becomes this solid thing, a weight, a pressure. 

 Something to be held in two hands and put into place.

 and so we build."


Rose Levinson

Founder and Editor 

Chronicles of an Elder: Tough Times 

"...The old is dying and the new cannot be born.."

     Antonio Gramsci

Carving the space for Womxn Writers: Fizzy Sherbet Podcast and Plays 

Illustration by Alice Mueller 

Joel Katz 

Filmmaker Joel Katz talks about his documentaries and shares videos.

Fizzy Sherbet 


More from Fizzy Sherbet's artists and their work.

The Future Machine 

Featuring Rachel Jacobs and the Future Machine 

When Will We Learn? 


Artists and Contributors 

Photo by Gülce Tulçalı

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Just Between Us….


The great Irish poet Seamus Heaney once remarked, "If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere."  We’ve not yet reached the end of our Coronavirus winter, but it’s eased up for the moment. I comment on this uneasy opening in my quarterly Chronicles of an Elder essay.


We’re pleased to feature another contribution from Rachel Jacobs who, along with her Future Machine, continues to help us address climate realities. We introduce three more artists from the collective of  Fizzy Sherbet, a playwriting venue for women all over the world. Photographer Tom Medwell shares his thoughts on photography as a means of confronting trauma, time and memory. And US filmmaker and teacher Joel Katz talks about his work as a documentarian, sharing clips of three films which provide striking insights into contemporary American life.


Last month, we introduced our Subscriber Salon, which is accessed with a password issued to all subscribers. We set up the Salon as a means of building our readership community. There’s no charge for being a subscriber. The benefits are access to special features and the ability to share your thoughts with this community. We're pleased to be opening this feature with Tess O'Hara's thoughts on a writer's obligation to a difficult subject. Please sign up if you’ve not yet done so. And please encourage your friends to join us as well! 


I’ll close with the same words I used in the March issue: warmest wishes and hopes coronavirus will become an ever-shrinking presence in our lives.


Rose Levinson, Ph.D.



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