Winter 2020

Pelvis of a Sheep and the Crumpled Curtain

Biddy Peppin

Political Existences 

Featuring Emil Lombardo's work, Political Existences, from an exhibition at Art Academy London. 

The Physical Act of Seeing 


Featuring Veronica Viacava on monumental photographs and understanding "labour" in the age of a pandemic. 

Fora Garimpo! A Catastrophe Reminder from Brazil 

A message from the Yanomami and Ye'kwana people of Brazil in a video provided by Paulo Hartmann for Emerging Voices.

Maybe Home Again

"How can we repair what has happened in this land? Knowing my fellow citizens can easily support demagoguery will continue to keep me up at night. At the same time, I'm  strangely optimistic, believing that one day this place may feel like home again." Read more of Sara LeVee Safyan's thoughts on the highly charged 2020 U.S. election. 

Directions From the Fire 

"Despite the fact the sky fumed orange, it was all too easy to eat my heavily processed food and carry on as normal."

Read Samara Rosen on California's disastrous fires.

Artists and Contributors 

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Just Between Us…..



      Welcome to our Winter issue, posted as we approach the darkest day of the year, 

December 21. Here are patches of light to help us through this gloomy period.


      Featured are the works of three visual artists with very different backgrounds and styles. Emil Lombardo's photographs of transgender life out in the streets are a joyous celebration. Veronica Viacava’s black and white photographs use ordinary objects to question fundamental assumptions. Biddy Peppin confronts catastrophe through paintings both realistic and eerie.

        From the United States, Samara Rosen writes about the fires in California and Sara Safyan considers the US presidential race and its repercussions. Paulo Hartmann, a Brazilian climate activist, provides insights into how indigenes in Brazil confront those who would destroy their land. 


        I share further thoughts in Chronicles of an Elder, my own personal history unfolding in an unprecedented time.


       In early January, we’re introducing a special feature for those of you who are Subscribers. If you’re not yet signed up,  join our community of readers. It’s free and your data is never shared.


       Warmest wishes for a renewing holiday season, hopefully a time to recharge before facing the challenges of 2021.


Rose Levinson, Ph.D

Founder and Managing Editor

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