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We’re well into 2022 as we post our fifteenth Emerging Voices. We’re pleased to have added a new voice, journalist Manasa Narayanan, as editorial assistant and writer/podcast producer. Manasa’s initial podcast on the theme of Hope and Ageing is here. She’ll continue this series with a podcast each month through June.


Manasa’s creative energies join those of photographer/visual artist Gulce Tulcali and writer and social media director Tess O’Hara. Check out another of Gulce’s brilliant photo essays. In addition to her own work, Gulce designs each posting of Emerging Voices. As always, it’s Tess O’Hara who reaches out via social media in addition to the work she does as a writer and professional editor. The webzine is fortunate to have these three talented women working to make the site happen.


Besides the features above, we have an essay on the tragedy of Grenfell Tower written by Katrina Hicks and an update from Rachel Jacobs on the whereabouts of her Future Machine companion. I continue 'Chronicles of an Elder' with a reflection on my late mother. And see below for a short video posting. I’ll record one of these a month.


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With warmest wishes for a year of renewed strengths and fulfillments.


Rose Levinson, Ph.D.

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Founder and Editor 


Rose's Writings: Mother I Never Knew You



Does Hope Age?: by Manasa Narayanan

In this audio series, Manasa explores what happens to our hope as we grow older.

'Episode 3: Hope in Love, and Another Love' is now available

Future Machine: by Rachel Jacobs

When the Autumn Leaves Fell: Future Machine Procession in Finsbury Park, November 2021

Rachel Jacobs and Future Machine.jpeg

When Photography Serves Film:

by Gülce Tulçali


Grenfell: by Katrina Hicks

‘They can’t say that they weren’t warned.’

Rose's Rumblings 


Sirkhane Darkroom Workshop 2019 (57).jpg

Photos taken by Sirkhane Darkroom Students in Mardin/Turkey

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