Spring 2021

"Queering" Time with Daniel John Bracken

Thoughts on Liminal Photography


Rose Levinson

Founder and Editor 

Chronicles of an Elder: Rivers of Time


“And to make an end is to make a beginning.” Little Gidding. T.S. Eliot

Unnatural Bird Migrator (The Operating System, 2020)

A Play Between Language and Translation 

Featuring writer, poet, teacher Ariel Resnikoff on multilingual diaspora. 

The Frequency of Trees and Warning Bells

Revealing the Invisible 

Featuring Caroline Locke on climate change, sound fountains, the world of tree criers and tree bells. 

The Great Zimbabweans 

Forty years of Zimbabwe’s Independence

Dangarembga Tsitsi.jpg
Mtata Rev Kenneth.jpg
Govera Chido.jpg
Voices from portraits of Zimbabweans by the photographer Hannah Mentz
Carving the space for Womxn Writers: Fizzy Sherbet Podcast and Plays 
Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 10.21.19

Illustration by Alice Mueller 

Plays By and About Women 

Featuring theatre director Lily McLeish and playwright Tamara von Werthern, co-founders of Fizzy Sherbet 

Artists and Contributors 

Photo by Gülce Tulçalı

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And Just Between Us....

Emerging Voices began three years ago this month. This is our twelfth issue. We’re pleased to continue to expand the nature of our offerings. Your interest as a subscriber provides a base of support for which we’re grateful.


March features the work of Caroline Locke addressing the climate emergency as an innovative interdisciplinary artist. Poet Ariel Resnikoff uses language to create bridges between cultures and individuals. Hannah Mentz celebrates Zimbabwe’s fortieth year of independence with portraits of forty of its citizens. 


Lily McLeish and Tamara Werthern, co-founders of Fizzy Sherbet, a playwriting venue for women all over the world, talk about their project and provide readings from three plays, all available on podcast. Photographer Daniel John Bracken examines liminality and how ‘queer time’ influences his work. Once again, I reflect on my own life experience, filtered through the gaze of being an elder. 

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With warmest wishes and hopes coronavirus will become an ever-shrinking presence in our lives.


Rose Levinson, Ph.D.



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