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Voices Rising

Amplifying the talent and voices in communities within
Kenya, Palestine and beyond.

Hands Up

"I, an old Jewish woman, breathe this world’s air. They, a fraction of my eighty plus years, do not. How many more lives have I had than these dead young ones?"

Rose Levinson, PhD

Founder & Editor


Jackie Hopfinger

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Photographer Jackie Hopfinger has exhibited her work widely, including in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. She lives in north London. Jackie's photographs capture moments and tell stories about places all over the world. We featured some of her work in earlier postings. This latest series is from a trip made to Nepal in December 2023.

Featuring: Juliette, Kake, Lydiah, Anthony and Sophie

Featuring the latest work from our Kenyan artists, who continue to build a rich cultural scene in Nairobi. See the latest from Kake, Lydiah, Sophie, Juliette and Anthony.

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Further works by Palestinians


We continue featuring works from Palestine. This posting is particularly difficult, reflecting as it does near unimaginable suffering and loss. We are grateful, as always, to  We Are Not Numbers who support and mentor the voices we need to hear.

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“I'm surprised at my energy still. I didn't expect that. It surprises me every day. And I know I must use it. I'm surprised that I'm still alive and grateful. I'm surprised I am still in love with my husband and he is still in love with me.”

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“I don't think we can sum up our lives. The only thing I can say, and again, it's a cliche, is I live every day for the day.  I'm the age where if I made plans for a future, a real future, I would be crazy. So I just play it on a daily basis.” 



“I don’t really think about growing old, I didn’t really have a life plan, things happened quite unexpectedly and I’m really grateful, I’ve had a lovely life."

This is a story about a lazy man who never wanted to do any work or chores. Whenever he was asked to help with any task he said he was sick. Sometimes it was his stomach that hurt, sometimes his head or even his leg. He never wanted to do any work and so he always came up with excuses when asked to do anything. But when he was called to eat or party, he was always the first one to arrive. Seke seke.

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Editor's Notes

We’re pleased to again feature our Kenyan artists on the Voices Rising platform. Kake, Lydiah, Sophie, Juliette and Anthony are invaluable contributors to Nairobi’s cultural life. The Korogocho Slums Arts Centre will encourage community creativity. SWAN (Support Women Artists Now)  encourages Kenya’s female artists. Lydiah Dolah continues to write and perform her vibrant music. As two more stories from Gaza reflect unspeakable sorrow, I focus on how the war in Gaza shakes my personal identity.

     Conversations with Old(er) Women gives us the voice of 84 year old Marion Baraitser, writer, thinker, creator.


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Rose Levinson, Ph.D. (she, her) - Founder and Managing Editor

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