Autumn 2019

Rose Levinson, Founder and Writer

Rose reflects on place and what it means to call somewhere 'home' in her new piece Geographica

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Parents for the Future: Millie Guest

Millie Guest is a passionate climate advocate. She co-founded Parents for Future UK  It aims to involve parents in the struggle for climate justice. Empowering them is to encourage meaningful action to help  ensure their children's viable future.

On our podcast, Millie talks about her work as a climate activist. 

Ruth Valentine

Ruth Valentine has published several collections of poetry, as well as a novel, The Jeweller's Skin.  She is active in Haringey Welcome, a grassroots organisation  which campaigns against hostility to refugees and migrants who have settled in the borough. 

Listen to Ruth read her poem, A Grenfell Alphabet

Angela Neustatter

Angela Neustatter is a blog journalist  working for national papers. She is author of 12 books including Hyenas in Petticoats : A Look at Feminism between 1968 - 88 and This Is Our Time:  The Crisis of Midlife. Currently working on a family memoir, Angela lives in North London.

Read Angela's new piece Brexit's Psychological Devastationin our Conversations on Crises.

Facebook: Angela Neustatter 


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Welcome to Emerging Voices

Emerging Voices has the fluidity to move in lots of directions. It shape-shifts, and will continue to do so. The site  began as a venue for my own personal writings. Making myself visible is still a driving force. But I want the space to offer glimpses into other people's worlds. And I want to feature voices on the margins, from people who are nearly invisible to those of us in the so-called first world.


The early support and input of Gillian Dalley, Ph.D., was critical in bringing Emerging Voices into being. Kendall Perry's visual sense and editing make the site come alive. Rachel Jacobs, Ph.D., is a critical partner in decision-making and in reaching out to readers.


As the site weaves along, picking up voices and ideas, we welcome hearing from you. Be in touch at


Warm wishes,

Rose Levinson

Founder and editor

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