Winter 2020

Rose Levinson, Founder and Writer

Brexit is now a reality.

In Conversations about Crises, see Rose's

Post Election Thoughts.

And  her reflections on what 'home' means  are in Geographica.


Let Us Now Praise... Rachel Jacobs & the Future Machine

The Future Machine is a magical device created via a series of conversations with artists and citizens across England. As the name suggests, the creation looks ahead, aiming to help address an uncertain future on a planet in crisis. Its interactive technology allows stories to be recorded and printed on the spot from the words of participant viewers. These narratives are intended to help individuals imagine creative ways to address  global climate change.

Written Word Feature: Carole Satyamurti Tribute

Carole Satyamurti, prolific poet,writer, academic and winner of the 1986 National Poetry Prize, died on her 80th birthday in August 2019. This is a tribute to a woman of huge compassion and overarching intellect.

Visual Arts: Biddy Peppin

Brushes and paint are my weapons of choice.  Visual images, lodged in the brain’s right hemisphere, have a reassuring clarity and permanence, particularly when given physical form on canvas.  I can spend months wrestling with a painting; it may not ever work in the way I’d hoped. But some paintings make it through to independence, bearing authentic witness to particular moments in time.   

This is one of my first attempts using words to discuss my work.  I returned to full-time painting in 2004, after a career teaching Art History, latterly at the University of East London. What fascinates me about  artworks from the past (from yesterday backwards) is the physical evidence they provide of other minds at work.

'A Blessed Plot': Conversations on Crises

Andy Croft runs the T-junction international poetry festival, the Ripon poetry festival and Smokestack Books ( His latest collection, The Sailors of Ulm is due from Shoestring Press in March.

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Just Between Us...

This is the eighth issue of Emerging Voices, which began life just over two years ago. Our quarterly site seeks to address the personal and the political, the artistic and the quotidian, the local and the global. We make space for original, marginal voices who challenge conventional wisdom. 


Conversations on Crises is a new feature focusing on global issues. Climate breakdown will be an ongoing topic, as will such concerns as Big Tech, Western powers’ foreign policy and other new and renewed threats to world stability.


Our January 2020 issue features Rachel Jacobs’ Future Machine, her invention to creatively grapple with climate change.  Biddy Peppin’s art and text reflect her painting as a way of making order in tough times. I’ve written on Brexit. And we honour the late writer and thinker Carole Satyamurti whose brilliant poetry is an ongoing inspiration.

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The early support and input of Gillian Dalley, Ph.D., was critical in bringing Emerging Voices into being. Kendall Perry's visual sense and editing make the site come alive. Rachel Jacobs, Ph.D., is a critical partner in decision-making and in reaching out to readers.

Warm wishes,

Rose Levinson Ph.D.

Founder and editor

Join Conversations on Crisis - Live on Zoom
Meeting ID: 131 351 628
Password: 395993

Little did any of us know that an all-enveloping planetary emergency would strike with such immediate and sudden impact as has the coronavirus. Climate breakdown is a less visible crisis, though no less catastrophic. And there are links between the two. 


Our goal at this unprecedented moment is to open another communal space for people to meet online and find connecting points as we grapple with overarching dangers. We will be considering how the Covid 19 outbreak relates to our abuse of the environment and to larger issues around climate change.

Can we expect the pandemic to lead to any permanent, positive changes in how we relate to our environment? What is a best case scenario/worst case for how Covid 19 will unfold, both in terms of the pandemic itself and in terms of climate?


Join us for a conversation on crises, addressing Covid-19 and its links to climate change. The podcast will be Thursday, April 16, 6 to 7 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time and will feature Dr. Rachel Jacobs (artist, researcher, creator of the Future Machine) with Rose Levinson. We hope you'll call in and add your voice.

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