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This Spring, a season of renewal, does not feel like a time of revived hope. We are in the midst of devastation--to the climate; to the peoples of Ukraine and those of Russia too; to a disintegration of what felt like some kind of world order. This posting of Emerging Voices reflects pieces of our contemporary sorrows. And it takes us back to other ruptures like that of World War I, a war whose brutality is all too present yet again.


Actor Jane Wymark reads war poetry, reminding us perhaps that poetry brings both insight and solace. Manasa Narayanan reflects on sectarian strife in the hugeness and complexity of India. Gülce Tulcali brings visual insights from Philippine photographer Jeremy Alvarez. Rachel Jacobs updates us on Future Machine, proffering one way to address the darkness of climate desecration. I reflect on wars I’ve known and introduce my new series to address an ongoing conflict, that of Palestine and Israel.

This is not a particularly cheerful issue. But I hope reading our words, seeing our images, hearing our poetry will bring the comfort that comes from human effort to make sense of the confusion that engulfs us.


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Rose Levinson, Ph.D.

Founder and Managing Editor


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Chronicles of an Elder 

Rose's Writings

I Died in Hell--They Call it Paschendaele



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Founder and Editor 

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The India That Is:

Story of the ‘Population Propaganda'


A Dispatch from the Indian Affairs Series

by Manasa Narayanan

Future Machine Spring Update: by Rachel Jacobs


Photography & Resilience

with Jeremy Alvarez

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3 Poems on War 

interpreted by Jane Wymark

W. H. Aunden's September 1, 1939

Sigfried Sassoon's Everyone Sang

Simon Armitage's Resistance

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Rose's Rumblings 

Spring 2022 issue
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Photo taken by Tom Medwell


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